Saturday, December 31, 2005


Alex's Detox Diet

If you've seen Super Size Me, one thing of note: Morgan Spurlock's girlfriend is a vegan chef. She has a book and a website:



I bought "SuperSize Me" on sale and watched it as New Years Eve fair. I figured it was a good way to start the new year: a big allergic reaction to fast food. While I have not shut out fast food altogether, I last visited McDonald's four months ago and I have no plans to go again. My weakness is A&W-- and I will visit there about 2 times per month for one of their burgers.

So, anyways: some of you will be reading this in the morning of the new year. Let me suggest one of McDonald's super excellent meal combos to start off the New Year "right":

from fat
Chicken Selects® Premium Breast Strips (10 pc)1270590
Large French Fries520220
Chocolate Triple Thick® Shake (32 fl oz cup)1160240

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Substitute Teachings

I did this a while ago, but I thought it was worth revisiting the topic while I lumber in post Christmas padding.
EggsEgg whites49 calories/each
Canola OilWonderslim Fat Replacement467 calories/ 1/4 cup
EggsEner-G Egg Powdered Replacer
51 calories/egg
CheeseSoy Cheese100 calories / 1/4 lb.
Pizza Pepperoni
Soy Pepperoni30 calories / 2 oz.

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