Thursday, June 26, 2008


The Downer of High Weight

There's rather a sad part to being overweight that goes way beyond the mere fact that you're unable to get into your favorite outfit. Many people who are overweight, especially if they have found that they're unable to lose the pounds no matter what they do, tend to reach a point of acceptance. They stop trying, even to the point of making excuses for their appearance. Some will even go as far as to say that there's just more of them to love. If you've been there, you know who you are and what a lonely place it really is. Well, the first thing that somebody needs to do when attempting to lose weight is actual deal with the problem in a realistic way without burying their head in the sand and either pretending it will go away or that it doesn't matter. This article will focus on some of the main things you'll need to do psychologically in order to deal with actually taking off the pounds.

The first, and probably most important thing that you'll have to do is to accept that you're overweight and that you need to diet. Denial is not going to get you anywhere. You have to stare the problem right in the face and confront it head on. You have to have a positive attitude that you're going to lose the weight. Sometimes attitude is everything. So going in with that positive attitude will make things a heck of a lot easier.

The next thing you have to do is tune out the outside world, especially your friends. When you hit the restaurants with them and order your fruit salad and cottage cheese, they're going to make their comments about why you're dieting. They're going to make you feel like you're missing out on that cherry cheese cake. You'll need to learn how to not let those remarks get to you. More importantly, you can't allow yourself to feel cheated. Make a game of it if you have to. Dieting can actually be fun, especially when you're making progress, which brings us to our next point.

There are safe ways to lose weight and then there are not so safe ways. I'm not talking so much about particular diets but the speed in which you lose the weight. It has been determined that you should not lose more than one pound per week in order to lose weight safely. So when you are going on a diet, you have to learn patience. If you're 50 pounds overweight, you're not going to lose all that weight overnight. Don't even attempt to do it because it's not healthy. One of the biggest reasons why people don't lose weight is that they don't have patience with their diet.

These are primarily the main things that you have to keep in mind when going on a diet. If you can manage to keep a positive attitude, block out all negative influences and learn to have patience, you've already won a big battle as far as losing the weight that you want to get rid of.

In the next article of this series, we'll go over what some of your most common dieting options are.

See you then.


Karl Warren

Karl Warren is the owner of 'Fight Your Flab... Fast' - a new site dedicated to helping you achieve your perfect body. If you are serious about losing weight, or you simply want to slim down a little, you should check out now.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Morale and Weight : Thoughts on Keep One Up and One Down

So you've been on a great diet and exercise program for some time now and it's getting to be kind of a drag. Being consistent is getting more difficult, but you know you what will happen if you stop. That fat will start building up again...and you definitely don't want that. What is the key to sticking in there?

Motivation is the key to sticking with your weight loss program. If you don't stay motivated to lose weight, life can just stop being fun and sooner or later, you will fail. Staying motivated is the key to enjoying your weight loss process and to sticking with it.

So how do you stay motivated? There are a lot of tricks to staying motivated, but here are five that I think can really keep you going.

Using Your Imagination To Keep Motivated

The imagination is a wonderful thing. If you use it for weight loss you will be able to peer into a very encouraging future...a future that will keep you so excited about staying on your weight loss program that you will never want to give up! Regularly peeking at the future will not allow you to give up.

This is how it works. Just take a little time each day (it doesn't take much time) to close your eyes and use your imagination to picture what you will look like a year from now if you stick with your weight loss program every single day. In your mind, look at:

  1. How you will look after losing that 50-100 pounds (or whatever your goal is).

    Wow, look at you! How much slimmer you are. You look great and you are smiling from ear to ear. You stuck with your weight loss program, and it was so worth it!

  2. How will you feel?

    You feel great. "What are those little knobby things down there? Hey, those are my toes. I can stand up straight and see my toes. And look Ma, I can touch them too." And all that energy I have because I am carrying so much less weight around!

  3. What will people say when they see the change?

    "Wow, don't you look great. You lost some weight, didn't you?" (What they are really thinking is, "Man you lost a lot of weight, you used to be heavy, but look at you now!" But they are too polite to put it that way.) But that's okay; the "Wow!" is what counts.

  4. What will you be wearing and how will you look in those much-smaller sizes?

    What fun! You're just loving buying those smaller sizes. And it's so-o-o much easier and fun to shop in a regular store...and so many choices now! Costs less too!

  5. How will you feel when you look in the mirror?

    Hey, this is great! I don't wince when I look in the mirror any more. You're all smiles. And standing sideways... "not bad, not bad at all!"

What you will be seeing is you in the future...if you stick with your weight loss program! Try to do this little exercise each day and that should keep you well motivated.

For more weight loss tips, and information on weight loss programs, diets, quick weight loss, weight loss exercise, and more, go to my Slimmer You Weight Loss Tips web site at

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Sunday, June 22, 2008


The Skinny: Cautions Weight Loss Supplments

Weight loss supplements, diet pills, weight loss formulas are all a multi-billion dollar industry in the U.S. alone. So many people are looking to diet pills or wonder drugs to help them lose weight in the fastest possible time without trying to change anything in their eating habits and lifestyle. People are just too busy to get any exercise and they are not too disciplined to curb their appetite and eat only the right amount of food to help them function normally. Many are saying that food addiction is becoming increasingly common to many Americans - we eat even if we are not hungry and just love food period.

This is the reason that most Americans are getting bigger and bigger over the years. There is an abundance of food everywhere you turn and the latest fad is serving up bigger and bigger portions as well. Think about all the upsize, super size, biggie size, etc, that many fast food restaurants offer to their customers. And people wonder how did they get this big and heavy and isn't there a way to lose weight, if not overnight, at least in a month? These wrong concepts are what make the diet supplements and other diet fads so popular; they feed on the people's insecurities and their impatience to lose the weight they have gained over the years.

Many diet supplements, weight loss supplements, herbal or otherwise, promise a miracle cure for those who are overweight. The advertising is just too good to pass and so convincing that many will try them without even considering if they are safe or not. They promise to help you lose weight and get the body of your dreams in a month's time, which is in reality not healthy to do since the healthy way of shedding weight is at most 3-5lbs. a week.

So if you are excessively heavy, it will take more than a month to get back in shape, and you need more than a supplement to achieve that. A total lifestyle change and healthy eating is needed if you are serious in seeing changes.

Weight loss supplements are sad to say not regulated as drugs, this means they are not fully tested for side effects. Many supplements were later found to be dangerous and some are related to deaths, and some were found to damage internal organs especially the heart. If you opt to take these then you should be aware that these wonder pills are not fully tested and you are making yourself available for these companies to experiment with.

Whatever side effects you may experience as well as others will then be documented and if there are too many reports of incidents for that particular supplement, it is then banned in the market. That is how it works with supplements, your safety is not guaranteed because they are classified as foods and not drugs, therefore not regulated.

If you are serious about getting back in shape, the best road to recovery remains the same. And active lifestyle (exercise, movement) and healthy diets are the best way to go. They are proven and weight loss is more permanent and lasting.

You can find out more about Weight Loss Supplements as well as much more information on diets and weight loss at

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Friday, June 20, 2008


Five Things to Add To Your Weight Loss

Certainly, you've tried a lot diet pills, read a lot of rapid weight loss tips on e-books and manuals. And the only thing you've lost so far is money instead of fat!

The problem with most rapid weight loss tips and programs offer you results that are outstanding BUT they're anything but permanent. After achieving your ideal weight, you hit a plateau and start rolling back to your fatter self.

If you're sick and tired of that, then these practical and time-tested rapid weight loss tips will surely bring you GUARANTEED and LONG-TERM results.

You just better make sure you'll apply these rapid weight loss tips.

Rapid Weight Loss Tips No. 1

Drop the junks and eat small meals.

If ever you're going to see that body of yours perfectly fit and sculpted, you cannot continue your lifestyle of care-free eating habits.

You NEED to put a stop to eating A LOT of junk and you MUST reduce your diet by half. Here's an example: instead of eating your dinner in one serving, break down your meal into smaller ones and try to consume each of them after every 2-3 hours.

Another thing you can do to discourage yourself from eating too much is to buy plates that are way smaller in size than what you currently have.

Rapid Weight Loss Tips No. 2

I don't know about you BUT it has been scientifically proven that eating spicy foods aid greatly in rapid weight loss.

Now is the perfect time to love those hot and spicy foodstuffs you used to steer away from.

Rapid Weight Loss Tips No. 3

Go easy on meat. Sure they're protein rich that will aid greatly in building muscles and body mass. BUT they're also fat-dense!

Slowly but surely, decrease your meat consumption for the weeks to come and replace them instead with vegetables, soy proteins, mushrooms, etc.

Rapid Weight Loss Tips No. 4

Sweat it out! Go to the gym and workout everyday!

So you don't have the extra bucks to spend for the gym?

Walking a few miles to work and leaving your car at the parking area is just one of the nice things you can do to lose weight. Or instead of using the elevator, why not take the stair?

See, just look around you and you'll find more than a hundred ways to stay active and lose weight.

Rapid Weight Loss Tips No. 5

Now you may have some prescribed drugs for weight loss, BUT you sure want to replace them with herbal counter parts instead..

Aside from having minimal to totally ZERO side effects, there are other benefits you can grab from herbal supplements like Ayurslim which helps you lower you cholesterol levels and risk of heart-attack.

Steven is a long time health and fitness enthusiast and has been involved in diet, weight loss and exercise since 2002.

If you're looking for valuable and practical tips, tricks, and secrets about weight loss & fitness, so that you can loss weight naturally and rapidly to enjoy a healthier and happier life, do visit

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Dieting : A Sub-culture

I love that the number one non-fiction sellers are cookbooks: #2 is diet; #3 is self-helf. Why not skip the cookbooks and the other titles too?

Obesity is certainly a rapidly growing health crisis in the United States, and many corporations, media forums, and organizations are dedicated to fighting this nation-wide epidemic. Television shows such as "The Biggest Loser," "Shaq's Big Challenge," and "Fat March" have even turned weight loss into a public competition. Not only is the obese population of America on a mission to shed those pounds, but it seems as though most people, whether they are 5 pounds or 50 pounds overweight, are eager to slim down, tone up, and achieve the body of their dreams. Americans spend over 4 billion dollars a year on diet pills, appetite suppressants, and fat diet plans. Over time, this diet craze has created a new increasingly popular subculture in America: diet culture.


The market is flooded with images of perfectly sculpted bodies, airbrushed figures, and flawless features. From magazine ads to cosmetics packaging, Americans are constantly told by the media that perfection is obtainable. In addition, increasing health threats aided by obesity puts more pressure on Americans to lose weight and avoid these health threats. A combination of these pressures forces people to spend hundreds of dollars on quick-fix diets to lose weight and improve their health as quickly as possible with minimal effort.


It seems as though there are hundreds, if not thousands, of diet pills on the market. Every diet pill claims to be the best and claims that you can effortlessly shed the pounds once and for all. Every diet pill works differently, but there are four main types of diet pills on the market: those that suppress appetite with an amphetamine-like effect, a second type of appetite suppressant which triggers your brain to desire to eat less, a third which prevents the absorption of fats into your body, and fourth are detox pills which aid in digestion and food processing. Many diet pills can be extremely unsafe and hazardous to your health, and always require research before purchasing. So how do you know which diet pill to choose? Always look at a full list of ingredients and research any unfamiliar products in the pill. Also, don't be fooled by 'all natural' diet pills - just because the pill is made from all natural products does not necessarily mean it's completely safe. Always consult a physician before purchasing a new diet pill, and always ask for him or her for recommendations. If the product sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.


Much like diet pills, fad diets are everywhere. From Atkins to the Grapefruit Diet, fad diets have covered an entire spectrum of weight management. Everyone wants a diet that is easy and doesn't interfere with their daily lives, but also they want one that works. Too often do people start a fad diet and end up gaining back the weight that they lost, if not more, after stopping the diet plan. So how do you choose the right diet for you? Sometimes, simply watching your calorie intake and increasing your activity can prove effective. If that doesn't work, look for diets that allow you to eat foods that are nutrient-rich and lean. Diets that make you starve yourself are never a good idea, and most of those diets are the ones that will cause you to gain excess weight back after you stop the diet.

Jim Mackey is a renowned dietitian. He has been advising people on how to maintain a proper diet and how to lose those extra calories. If you want to know more about Diet, south beach diet, diet plans, diabetic diet you can visit

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Monday, June 16, 2008


Losing More Than Weight : Hair Loss And Crash Diets

Harken back 20 years. I went on a crash diet: 60 lbs. in 3 months; 40 lbs in the 6 months that follow. Then my hairline started thinning.

Hair loss is a problem that can be experienced by both men and women of all ages. One of the main reasons for hair loss is that it was inherited. Basically, your genes will determine whether you are prone to hair loss or not. Aside from this, there are many more causes of hair loss like bad habits, harmful hair treatments, skin infections, and even hormones.

Another important fact that you should know about hair loss is that diet can also make a huge impact in your hair's health. Although it is not known by many, crash dieting can actually lead to hair loss.

Crashing Diets Means Crashing Your Health

It is unfortunate but true, crash dieting has been proven to cause hair loss if prolonged for a long period of time. For this reason, everyone should be careful and eat the right diet. Deciding to succumb to crash diet (maybe due to an important event you would want to look your best for), might make your body react drastically because of the sudden threat caused by crash dieting. The result would be that the body will roughly store nutrients instead of using it to produce hair, which can lead to the dreaded hair loss. This can prove to be a bigger problem in the long run. Also diets that lack protein are especially risky because protein is a major component in healthy hair growth.

Body's Defense Against Crash Diet Malnutrition

Also note that the body would suddenly make all the vitamins and minerals in its system turn into maintaining your vital organs because it is deprived from the nutrients necessary for everyday living. During crash dieting therefore, it would stop all the mechanism necessary for maintaining your hair's health as it will devote all of its resources into preserving your life because of the threat of starvation.

Hair Phased Out Because of Crash Dieting

The hair has two phases. One is the growing phase and the other is the resting phase. Normally, almost ninety percent of your hair is in the growing phase while the remaining ten percent is in the resting phase. The ten percent that is in the resting phase is that hair that will start to fall. This is a part of its normal cycle so it is typical for you to lose some hair every once in awhile. However, in crash dieting, an unhealthy amount of hair that is in the growing phase would suddenly shift into the next phase, the resting phase. Hair is pushed into the resting phase by the body so that it can conserve all the nutrients it can. When this occurs, hair loss will follow.

In many cases, hair loss from crash dieting may not be experienced immediately. In fact, this is the reason people do not associate the hair loss they are experiencing to the crash dieting they did some months before. Usually, there are two to three months interval before the obvious consequence of the crash diet can be felt. This is in part because the hair that was in the resting phase previously would fall out as part of its cycle.

A person will most likely experience six months of hair loss due to crash dieting. And the hair would only return to its normal condition when you resume your normal eating habits. But there is still an added hazard because the stress that your body feels from starvation also has the possibility of producing a particular male hormone that is responsible for the destruction of the hair follicles. When this had already occurred, then the hair will no longer be able to grow because the follicles are gone. When this happens aside from cosmetic surgery that is available at astronomical prices, not much of remedy can be offered. Crash dieting is a great risk for people who already have the gene that is prone for baldness because the effects of crash dieting can be worse for them compared to other people

Charlene J. Nuble

For All the things you need to know about hair loss, please go to: Cause of Hair Loss

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Saturday, June 14, 2008


Vitamins and Weight Loss

When the human body is spending more energy in work and heat than it gains from food or other nutritional supplements it will catabolize stored reserves of fat and muscle. In other words, weight loss can only take place when the calories intake is less than the calories burn. Ones weight will stay the same when the calories one eats and drinks equal the calories one burns and add when the calories one eats and drinks are greater than the calories one burns.There are several essential nutrients missing from the diets most people eat. Replacing them with vitamin supplements doesn't make up for the synergistic effects of nutrients found in food.

1)Fiber :

Fiber is the indigestible part of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Whole grains and cereal fiber can lower your heart disease risk by 30%. To increase the fiber in your diet to the recommended 14g for every 1,000 calories eaten, have a 1/2 cup serving of Fiber One cereal and add more beans to your diet with lentil soup. Use whole grain bread and add some fruit and vegetables to your meals.

2)Magnesium and Potassium :

Magnesium and potassium are linked to blood pressure control, protection from osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes and stroke. To add magnesium, have a half-cup of bran and cooked spinach daily. For potassium, eat sweet potatoes, white potatoes, white beans and bananas.

3)Calcium :

Calcium provides the raw material for building your teeth and bones. It prevents bone-thinning osteoporosis, contributes to healthy blood pressure, and can reduce the risk of colon cancer. To have the right amount in your diet, drink three glasses of low-fat or fat-free milk every day, or have eight ounces of fat-free yoghurt and 2-3 ounces of low-fat cheese each day.

4)Vitamin A:

Vitamin A cares for and maintains our eyes, the linings of the respiratory, intestinal and urinary tracts, and the quality of our skin. To add more vitamin A to your diet, add darkly-pigmented foods to your daily diet. These include carrots, spinach, kale, winter squash, and a medium baked sweet potato. They do not include lettuce and french fries.

5)Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is necessary for our body to create collagen, a glue that holds our skin, bones, blood vessels and skin together. It also helps to make brain chemicals, neutralize damaging free radicals, and metabolize cholesterol. Vitamin C may also help the heart and reduce arthritis and diabetes. To add vitamin C to your diet, simply add a glass of orange juice or an orange every day. Other helpful foods with vitamin C are kiwifruit, cantaloupe, Brussels sprouts, strawberries, red or green bell peppers, and broccoli.

6)Vitamin E :

Sufficient vitamin E also neutralizes free radicals to protect cells from damage, plays a role in the immune system, can help prevent the common cold, and can lower the risk of Parkinson's disease. Foods healthy in vitamin E include almonds, sunflower kernels, and sunflower oil in salad dressings, which helps you gain the nutrients from the vegetables and carry the vitamin E into the bloodstream.

The one thing that is key to consider: find these vitamins in your diet. Vitamins in pill form will often pass through the body. Vitamins found in your foods will always be incorporated in your body in a healthy way.

For more great site reviews and tips on weight loss visit these sites

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Thursday, June 12, 2008


Under The Knife : Thoughts on Weight Loss Thru Surgery

Perhaps you've tried dieting and failed. Atkins, South Beach, or even a nutritionist. And perhaps you've tried an exercise regimen and either had trouble sticking to it, or difficulties performing the exercises. If you're wondering if weight loss surgery, such as lap band surgery, is the best option for you at this point, the answer is... well... complicated.

It's important to realize that weight loss surgery is NOT cosmetic surgery. It is major surgery, it is potentially life threatening, and those that choose this route will have to make changes that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Before reading on, please keep these facts in mind-- because weight loss surgery is not a decision to be made lightly. There are consequences to this choice, and not all of them are feel-good, positive consequences.

However, a lot of positive changes come from losing a large amount of weight, especially for a person who has faced lifelong struggles with their weight. An increase in mobility and enjoyment of time spent in active pursuits. Higher self-esteem and better self-image. These are all valuable changes, and are of course things you want in your life. But they should not be the only deciding factor in getting weight loss surgery. The most important reason --in fact, the only real reason-- for a person to get weight loss surgery is to live a better life, a healthier life, for longer. If those things are your true motivation for weight loss surgery, you may be a good candidate.

When looking online into your weight loss options, you've probably come across a lot of information about weight loss surgery. A lot of the information you'll find (especially on the web) comes from sources that you cannot necessarily trust. Don't take what you read at face value. The best thing to do when considering weight loss surgery is to talk to your doctor. He may refer you to a qualified surgeon who performs lap band or other weight loss surgeries, or you may need to find one on your own.

A qualified surgeon will be able to sit down with you, and outline the risks and benefits of the surgery. He should give you an indication of whether or not you're a good candidate for the surgery, and give you an overview of the process, including the life changes you'll need to make after the surgery itself. A lot of weight loss clinics offer seminars or information sessions about weight loss surgery. If you really think that weight loss surgery might be the right choice for you, you may want to think about attending. You'll meet people who are going through (or have been through) the same experiences and it's a good way to get support as well as information.

TLBC - Toronto Laparoscopic BAND CENTRE provides a sound solution for lifelong healthy weight loss. Lap Band Surgery, along with TLBC's care program, can help maintain your ideal weight.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


30 Lbs in 20 Weeks

Losing weight seems to be a losing battle for so many people because they are either doing it all the wrong way, or they just don't stick at it.

Many weight loss programs are lacking in good information and once your "diet" is finished, you end up putting on on what you lost (and then some!), sending you right back to square one. This is extremely frustrating for so many people. It is little wonder there are so many overweight people in the world. Does any of this sound like you?

Now, what if you were to read a story of a woman who lost 30 pounds in only 20 weeks, who felt great, didn't have to exercise for hours at a time and who didn't have to starve herself to get there?

Well that's what I did this morning. I was reading through yet another Fit Yummy Mummy (FYM) success story of a 38 year old woman who had lost 30 pounds in 20 weeks. She had tried other weight loss programs before but none of them had worked. Until now.

Another funny thing about the FYM program is that many women (like myself) have to remind ourselves when to eat because we're not left hungry all day like many diets.

The FYM program is all about eating often and eating healthy. This is the most important aspect of losing weight in a healthy way. Also, exercise is a must, with a maximum of 90 minutes a week of your time required. This can be broken down into various combinations, such as 15 minutes a day, 6 days a week, or even 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week.

The FYM program is the best I've seen so far and it is so flexible that there really is no excuse for not sticking to it. You will learn exactly what you need to do to lose weight, once and for all!

If you really want to lose weight, then here's what you must do right now...

Visit and make sure you take advantage of the free offers available, including the free weight loss ecourse or you can check out Michelle's progress as she attempts to become a Yummy Mummy!

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Sunday, June 08, 2008


Thoughts on the Popular Fad Diets

When was the last time you were tempted to try that fad diet you have found in the latest magazine that promises the world with fantastic fat losses and without doing a thing. What was it again; just take a couple of fat burning pills follow the diet and then bang! A brand new you in a couple of weeks.

The sad fact is they do not work, they just provide more suffering in your efforts to lose weight, and the only thing that you are losing is your hard earned money.

Firstly lets look at the latest fad diets on the scene at the moment, their pros and cons and then you will be shown how to save your time, money and unnecessary suffering by pointing you in the right direction for permanent weight loss.

The latest studies show that 90 per cent of fad dieters regained everything they had lost and even gained more weight within eighteen months.

The Atkins Diet.

The body burns carbohydrates and then fat for energy. This diet recommends limiting the intake of starchy, high carb foods so that the fat is burned first. So by eating meat, cheese and eggs and keeping bread and potatoes to a minimum, fat is lost.

Pros: Steak with cheese topping, Chocolate mocha ice cream and pork scratchings.

Cons: Studies show high protein diets lead to increased risk of heart disease, colon cancer, bad breath (halitosis) and constipation. Consuming more carbohydrate that can be used by the body will store this excess in fat cells.

The Zone Diet.

This diet claims to decrease hunger and boost energy by keeping your bodies eating habits in the zone or at its peak. Keeping all your meals and snacks in the ratio of 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% fats does this.

Pros: Being a low calorie diet, you can't help but lose weight.

Cons: Very difficult to adhere to the strict regime the diet requires. Will experience metabolism slow down because of low calories and will lead to starvation response, which will eat away at the muscle tissue while retaining the fat.

The Blood Group Diet.

By having a blood test and determining your blood group, this then tells you how you can absorb nutrients, thus you can plan your diet accordingly. Different blood groups can eat different food groups.

Pros: Another calorie restricting diet so weight will be lost.

Cons: There appears to be little clinical and scientific evidence behind this diet and by the elimination of whole food group's important nutritional deficiencies are likely with long-term health problems encountered.

The Ashram Diet.

This diet is basically a very low calorie diet (near starvation), which is coupled with a very high intensity exercise regime. A sample of this diet would include: One boiled egg for breakfast, a green salad for lunch and a baked potato with salsa for dinner.

Pros: A very quick weight loss, 10 - 15 lbs in a week (Mostly muscle tissue and water).

Cons: Fast weight loss leads to many unpleasant side effects such as bad breath, bone loss, constipation, deprivation of nutrients (vitamins and minerals), muscle loss, metabolism slow down, headaches and poor sleep.

Who would want all these problems for the sake of quick weight loss where the weight will eventually be put back on and more in a couple of months?

The Hay Diet.

The main rule to follow for this diet is to not eat protein and carbohydrates together. Combination of these two foods together appears to prevent protein from being digested in the gut and can lead to an accumulation of toxins.

Vegetables and fruit form the bulk of the diet with very small portions of protein and carbs.

Pros: Plenty of fruit and veggies in the diet means plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Cons: There doesn't appear to be too much scientific evidence about food combinations and by limiting yourself to certain food groups you will miss out on important nutrients.

All these diets work because of a drastic cut in calories, when this happens our metabolic rate can be brought down in a matter of 36 hours by as much as 50% which means your body is now burning only half of your calories.

To compound matters further, hunger kicks in after a period of inadequate eating setting you up for over eating and binging.

Everyone is an individual so you have to be careful of diets that require you to set out what types of foods and quantities you have to eat at every meal. Just because a movie star lost weight on a fad diet doesn't mean that you will.

Before starting a weight loss program take into account your age, fitness levels, activity levels and medical history.

Do yourself a favour and follow a real weight loss program including all the food groups, strength training, low level aerobics, a slight decrease in your daily calorie levels and a program that can be followed for life.

Gary Matthews is the author of the popular fitness eBooks Maximum Weight Loss and Maximum Weight Gain. Please visit right now for your 'free' weight loss or muscle building e-courses.

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Friday, June 06, 2008


Some Obesity Medicines On The Market

Obesity is a rising problem in our country and many people are struggling to lose weight, without any major success. To lose weight significantly, read on.

What is Obesity?

Obesity is a serious condition in which people have more weight than it is healthy. Excessive weight is a serious problem and leads to many illnesses, psychological and social problems. Many people are overweight or obese and are not aware of the problems it might cause them. Believe it or not, obesity can also lead to premature death and it is only second to smoking, number one cause of preventable health risk.

Reasons of Obesity

Obesity can be genetic or environmental. Obesity can also be brought about by poor lifestyle habits, unhealthy diet, and lack of exercises. Your obesity may be caused by anyone of these reasons or may be due to a mixture of many reasons. In any case, it is important to lose weight and manage obesity, if you want to be healthy and lead a quality life.

The first thing that you need to do to fight obesity is control your calories, followed by exercising at least 60 minutes a day. If you still cannot lose weight, you can try slimming aids that are available in the market. The most popular slimming aids are slimming pills, both over-the-counter and prescription pills. Though over-the-counter pills may be effective, their efficacy and safety is not proven, and health authorities do not regulate them. On the other hand, prescription pills are approved and their efficacy and safety is tested in clinical trials.

What is Acomplia?

Acomplia is a prescription slimming pill that is available as an aid for weight loss. However, you should not think that Acomplia is a complete solution for weight loss. Acomplia is only an aid and adjunct to conventional weight loss measures, dieting and exercising. In absence of a healthy lifestyle, you will not get much benefit from Acomplia.

What is Rimonabant?

Rimonabant is the active ingredient of Acomplia. It is a novel drug and works by preventing the endogenous cannabinoid from binding to CB1 receptors in nerve cells. These CB1 receptors are responsible for stimulating appetite. Rimonabant in Acomplia blocks the activation of these CB1 receptors and reduces appetite.

Who can take Acomplia?

Though almost every obese person can take Acomplia, certain people cannot take it due to their medical conditions, these people are:

• People with decreased liver function
• People with kidney problems
• People suffering from uncontrolled serious psychiatric illness or any major depressive illness
• People taking antidepressant medicines
• Pregnant and breastfeeding women
• People having rare hereditary problems of galactose intolerance, the Lapp lactase deficiency, or glucose-galactose malabsorption
• Children and adolescents under 18 years of age
• People allergic to ingredients of Acomplia

Benefits of Acomplia

Acomplia helps in significant weight loss. According to the results of clinical trials, 39% people achieved 10% weight loss and other 67.4% lost 5% of their body weight. This weight loss of 5% to 10% can significantly improve risk factors for obesity-related diseases and delay or prevent type 2 diabetes in people at high risk.

Acomplia can help in weight loss and maintenance for two years, which is a record, as no other drug has managed this before.

Side Effects of Acomplia

Side effects of Acomplia are mostly mild and transient in nature. However, you need to be aware of all the possible side effects of Acomplia before taking it.

Acomplia side effects can be enumerated as depression, anxiety, irritability, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, and stomach upset. In case, you experience any persistent or serious side effects, seek immediate medical attention.

Availability of Acomplia

Acomplia is available in many countries around the world including the UK and major European countries. You can also get Acomplia online. It is very easy to get Acomplia online and very convenient and cost-effective too.

Why Acomplia for Obesity Treatment?

There are several treatments for obesity. However, many people prefer Acomplia due to its significant success in clinical trials. You should consult a doctor or get a consultation done online to know more about Acomplia for your obesity treatment.

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If you are obese or overweight and looking for some answers and treatments for it, read this article.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Same Old Thing : Eating the Same Thing As A Means of Dieting

A lot of times, we make the process of losing weight out to be a complicated process. When we attempt to lose weight, we find ourselves endlessly counting the calories and reading the labels of food products for everything that we consume. Needless to say, this constant analysis of everything we eat can be a burden on our lives.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Instead, we can simplify the process by just eating the same thing everyday.

To follow this weight loss strategy, simply write out a list of the foods that you would feel the most content eating on a daily basis. This list can include your favorite, most delicious, snacks and meals. The only catch is that you need to make sure that once you have created the list, the portion size is such that the resulting calories of those foods is lower than the daily amount of calories that you are allowed to eat each day.

Take your list and go to the grocery store. Purchase those same foods so that you have enough in stock for two weeks.

Assign the foods from your list to the three meals of the day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

After two weeks, if you are tired of eating those same foods everyday, then simply recreate a new list of foods. Just be sure that your list of foods always falls below your daily allowance of calories that you are allowed to consume each day.

When you simplify the process by eating the same thing everyday, you are creating an organized structure for your food intake. This “organization” is what helps you to stay on track and not deviate from you plan by eating foods that can result in gaining weight. Your life becomes simpler and your chance of success in losing weight is greatly increased.

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Monday, June 02, 2008


Turning the Corner : Changing Your Habits to Change Your Weight

Expect history to repeat itself if nothing changes about your past health habits. Dietary supplements may help you loose weight quickly, but it is also important to change your eating and exercise routine. Whatever exercise routine and diet you have now, allowed your body to get into the physical shape that it is currently in. Thus, if you make no change to your diet and exercise routines, they will almost certainly produce the exact same results about which you are currently unhappy. So, be responsible to yourself and be responsible for your actions. If you are not happy with your weight, realize that only you have the ability to change your life! Additionally, success takes dedication, commitment and hard work. Successful weight loss is no different and permanent, safe, long-term weight loss simply cannot be expected to happen over night.

The following list contains several keys to successful weight loss:

1) Make small sustainable changes that you can maintain. This is the first step toward truly adjusting for a healthier lifestyle.

2) Set goals. Realize that it may not be possible to achieve complete satisfaction with your body and diet, overnight. Permanent weight loss is not always fast weight loss. Set small attainable weekly goals and realize that each week you are moving closer to true happiness and be happy with each small accomplishment. It is with an accumulation of these small accomplishments that you will reach your final goal. is about the journey, not the destination. So enjoy the journey as you travel down the path toward a slimmer you, better health and a higher quality of life.

3) Eat right for you. Realize now, that all people are not created equally. Some people burn carbohydrates quickly but have a tendency to store fats. While a different body type may handle carbohydrates and fats in an opposite manner. Consider starting a food diary. Keep a journal of the foods you eat and how they make you feel. Try eating nutrient rich foods that provide your body with the nutrients it craves, instead of filling your body with empty calories.

4) Don't skip meals. Eating several small meals throughout the day will help hold your body in the burn as fuel mode for longer periods of time, thus increasing your overall metabolic rate. Numerous dieticians and weight loss experts suggest eating 5 or 6 small meals throughout the day, instead of eating two or three big meals. Sue Ayersman, a certified clinical nutritionist (CCN) at Kronos Optimal Health Centre in Scottsdale, Arizona said "Your body needs a certain amount of calories and nutrients each day for normal function...Denying the body of these essential elements throws the system into survival mode, slowing metabolism and encouraging the storage of energy in the form of fat. You have to eat in order to lose weight."

5) Drink lots of water. Drinking plenty of water can help maintain a higher metabolic rate. Conversely, a lack of water can slow metabolic rate, just as a lack of food can also slow metabolic rate (see point #4 above). As stated by John Acquaviva, PhD, assistant professor of health and human performance at Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia "Since water is the body's most important nutrient, the liver will turn its concentration to water retention instead of doing other duties such as burning fat."

6) Exercise regularly. Muscle is more "metabolically active" than fat. This doesn't mean you have to become a bulky body builder, but no one can deny that regular excise and an increased heart rate will help you burn extra calories while increasing toned, lean muscle mass and the more lean muscle mass you have, the more easily you will maintain your desired weight. Aerobic exercise is defined as "brisk physical activity that requires the heart and lungs to work harder to meet the body's increased oxygen demand." This does not mean that you even have to go to a gym. Aerobic exercise can be achieved by doing simple household chores, gardening activities, swimming, walking or riding a bike, for example. Try to combine activities that allow you to do 60 minutes of aerobic exercise each day. If you are not able to do 60 minutes a day, set small goals and try to increase your activity until you are able to do 60 minutes a day.

7) Count calories. To loose weight, you must burn more calories each day, than you consume. Also, please recognize that your metabolism will slow down as you get older. Madelyn H. Fernstrom, PhD, CNS, associate professor and director of the UPMC Health System Weight Management Center in Pittsburgh says that your metabolism will decrease by approximately 5% each decade.

Good luck and let me know how you are doing!

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