Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Okay Day Followed By The Pit Trap

With a new job, I'm trying to captialize on the dynamic to revisit my diet. Here's how day one went:

Breakfast: (209 calories)

Lunch: (80 calories)
Dinner: (760 calories!)
Total: 1049 calories

Any ideas where I when wrong? Yep: despite how tasty that steak was I could have done a few things to put that main dish back into perspective:

Replace the mac'n'cheese with a vegetable:

Replace the steak with the equivalent:
If I wanted to have the same mass on my plate, I could have swapped out a huge hunk of steak and KD (700 calories) for a smaller piece of tuna (125 calories) and 2 cups of broccoli w/cheese and zucchini (130 calories). Net difference: 455 calories.

What is close to 455 calories?
If you want a treat, this is a good place to cut back. If you had a treat six months ago and it's now part of that mass of fat around your middrift, swap steak and pasta for fish and veggies and make up for it now.

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