Sunday, May 29, 2005


Wasps Can't Fly Down

We had a wasp problem. I got a "natural" trap: basically a cylinder with a hole in the middle. Fill it with sugar water and pests will go in, feed and be unable to leave. According to the label, bees and the like can't fly down.

It gave me a thought: what if fat people can't fly down? I've started to inch off the weight again. As soon as I did, my body started these nagging reminders. You're hungry, it's time to eat. There's slightly less flab: time to stock up. When I've gained weight, there hasn't been that nagging chime. Maybe that's part of problem: everyone has a saiety/hunger alarm; and one of my two circuits has burnt out.

Nah. The hunger alarm is "Hey you! Eat something or I'm going to have to dig into these fat reserves!" which is exactly what you want. Losing weight should mean embracing that hungry feeling once in a while.
Possibly one of the reasons why your body tells you that you're hungry is the type of food you're eating. High GI foods disgest very quickly, leaving you feeling empty (whereupon you eat again even though the high GI food isn't being burnt off) whereas low GI foods stay in your stomach longer, leaving you feeling fuller between meals.

The rule of thumb I use is: if you can eat it toothless (eg: breads, pasta & bananas), then it's a high GI food. If you have to work at chewing it (eg: broccoli, carrots & granola), then it's high in fibre and has a lower GI.

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