Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Caloric Swap: Episode II

There are five foods you need to get familiar with. They can step into your diet and replace starches and dead calories.

Mushrooms: (1 cup: 16 calories). Versatile and tasty. Mushrooms can replace meat partially or entirely.
Broccoli: (1 cup: 35 calories). Sure kids hate it and cheese sauce loves it, but broccoli is full of vitamins. On a dinner plate, it can nudge off potatoes. If you succumb to dunking something in a dip, leave the chips and dip these the mirco trees.
Green Beans: (1 cup: 42 calories). Leave pasta off the plate and coat green beans with tomato sauce.
Spinach: (fresh: 1 cup: 7 calories; cooked: 1 cup: 40 calories). Fresh, it's a tasty alternative to lettuce in salads. Cooked and thrown into a chinese noodle meal, it can replace heavy calorie noodles.
Tomatoes: (1 cup: 32 calories) Tomato sauce, salsa, chopped into a salad: they can replace heavier alternative like cream sauces. Look at some of the prepared foods that use tomato at the core: salsa is 16 calories per tablespoon compared with Ranch dressing (90 calories for regular; 25 calories for fat free).
Cabbage: (raw: 1 cup: 21 calories) At the next picnic, drop potato salad in favour of cole slaw. When you go to the baseball game, replace chili (28 calories/oz.), ketchup or cheese with sauerkraut (7 calories /oz.).

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