Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Low Calorie Spinach Salad

I love spinach salads. Mmmm.... the bacon, the cheese, the dressings... wait, those ingredients are death when you're way too fat and trying to lose weight. Here's a way to use subsitution to turn a healthy looking salad into a healthy salad.

Wash and blot dry the spinach. Poach the egg whites and allow to cool, then chop. Grill the bacon and dice it. Slice thin rings of red onion. If raw red onion is too harsh, grill it to take the edge off. Otherwise, substitute the onion for green onion. Combine ingredients then sprinkle the top with the soy cheese

Mix together dressing ingredients. Pour dressing over salad.

Ingredients (per serving)
Salad: (231 calories)

Dressing: (33 calories)
Total calories: 264 calories

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