Wednesday, September 21, 2005


5-HTP: Day 2 for Mike D?W*

A friend of mine started talking 5-HTP. Here is what he has had to say:
here's some of my observations of 5-HTP.

Mental: It has changed my mood dramatically, as if a veil had suddenly
been lifted from my eyes. Everything seems to be in sharp focus, and
I'm a bit more hyper than I used to be -- the first night I had trouble
falling asleep the effect was so dramatic. I did suffer from a mild
headache on the frst night, but that quickly passed.

Appetite: While I still get ravenously hungry, I am finding that it
takes less food at a sitting to sate my hunger, and I am not tempted to
overeat to excess. I am not keeping track of weight as you are, but am
primarily taking the 5-HTP for its effect on my susceptability to
depression. I note these changes for your study, but I can tell that
the increased energy is definately burning more calories than I did
before. The extreme hunger probably offsets any gains made in the
caloric burning dep't though.

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