Sunday, September 04, 2005


5-HTP: Day 7

Seven days ago, I started taking 5-HTP. Here's my first report:
For the first few days, I had afternoon headaches. They have mostly passed.
I noticed that my mood is more stable. That is supposed to be the primary effect of 5-HTP-- as a supplement that aids emotion and mood. From a dieting perspective, if mood can get factored out of dieting, mood induced food choices can get factored out.
The next effect: hunger and saiety. Since starting 5-HTP, I have been more hungry, but I eat much less often. Snacking is out of the picture. If I'm three hours late for a meal, that's not a big deal. When I eat, I never wish for seconds. So, on the saiety front it's a win. On hunger front: not so much.
A friend once said, "We're just big, walking chemistry sets."
The big question: have I lost weight? Yes, I have lost a couple of pounds.
So, we'll see how things are next week.

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