Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Mexican / Indian Express

This is a think-piece, not a piece of advice. A friend of mine complained about "Delhi belly" while he is living in India. Think of Delhi belly as a drive-by-shooting where your colon is the target, the tandoori does the driving and the vindalu is the shooter. I've been the victim of this before too. Mexican food, Thai food, Indian food: you name it, it's bowled through me. There are 1 billion people living in India. Does that mean 1 billions cases of Delhi belly every night? I don't think so. People get used to their cuisines and their bodies learn to metabolize the chow. If your body can metabolize the food, then that means you can gleen every bit of nutrition out of it. Unfamiliar food doesn't find a familiar home in your system and it's more likely to pass undigested. If that's the case, could a steady bait-and-switch of cuisines keep your digestive system off balance and less efficient?
I will research this and update this piece at a later time.

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