Monday, March 27, 2006


Pet Food is Healthier Than Fast food

This via Daily Snack:

Undisclosed food experts revealed that dog and cat food have less fat, salt and sugar than your average fast food meal.

A container of Gourmet Gold cat food contains 2.9g of fat per 100g, while KFC chicken contains almost eight times as much, lab tests found.

The cat food also has less than a third of the fat found in a Big Mac or Pizza Hut pizza. Cesar dog food contained 4.4g of fat per 100g - still far lower than fast food.

Scientist John Searle, who led the tests at a lab in Burton, Staffs, said: "It would not do a human any harm to eat pet food. The taste would be a bit different, but nutritionally it is fine."

The unhealthiest meal tested was KFC chicken pieces, with 23.2g of fat per 100g. A McDonald’s Big Mac and fries contains 12g.

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