Thursday, June 15, 2006


Why Blame Science?

Fat gene, intestinal bacteria, leptin, fat virus. Why look at these and consider them? Shouldn't fatties just buckle under, eat right and exercise? Yes. But what if dieting isn't enough?
Here's a parable:
Take two drivers. Both drive the same way in the same kind of car.
One driver gets a ticket for every driving violation (signalling, stopping at stop signs, speeds, shoulder checks).
One driver gets a ticket as often as you would expect for an average motorist.
Who do you think will end up punished more for their behaviour? If the heavily fined motorist became a better driver but still got fined for 100% of their infractions, they would have to go a LONG way to get down the "average" level that other motorists experience.

I look to scientific causes for obesity because some people can intake excess calories and not end up gaining weight. They can exercise and lose weight. Other people cannot. When diet and exercise don't change your weight, you have to ask why. In the driving example above, the police dole out punishment. In obesity, the punishment is doled through scientific factors.

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