Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Negative Calorie Foods

I know that some food are low-cal. Did you know that some are anti-caloric? They provide little energy and take a lot of energy to digest. The net result is a calorie burn from eating these foods. Some of them pack vitamins. All of them can fill you up. Below are some negative calorie foods that you should slide onto your plate.

With negative calorie diet and several versions of this diet, dieters are to eat and drink food products that are nutritous but are said to have a negative caloric effect; i.e., they provide fewer food calories than the calories needed to digest them. The energy that the body needs to digest the food is usually given as a certain amount of calories, whilst the energy content of the food is given as kilocalories. There is, however, no such thing as a negative calorie food. The "negative calorie" foods allowed in this diet are mainly vegetables and fruits. including:

This diet is criticized as being not a very realistic one. Opponents argue that these foods may be healthy, but the only way to get rid of calories is to use up more than you eat - a diet along with exercise is a way to see faster results. You should talk to your doctor to find a diet that is right for you.

Some criticize that such dieters use the concept of negative calories to justify eating unlimited quantities of such foods, and that doing so is not healthy. In all cases, when in doubt, ask your physician.

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