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Morale and Weight : Thoughts on Keep One Up and One Down

So you've been on a great diet and exercise program for some time now and it's getting to be kind of a drag. Being consistent is getting more difficult, but you know you what will happen if you stop. That fat will start building up again...and you definitely don't want that. What is the key to sticking in there?

Motivation is the key to sticking with your weight loss program. If you don't stay motivated to lose weight, life can just stop being fun and sooner or later, you will fail. Staying motivated is the key to enjoying your weight loss process and to sticking with it.

So how do you stay motivated? There are a lot of tricks to staying motivated, but here are five that I think can really keep you going.

Using Your Imagination To Keep Motivated

The imagination is a wonderful thing. If you use it for weight loss you will be able to peer into a very encouraging future...a future that will keep you so excited about staying on your weight loss program that you will never want to give up! Regularly peeking at the future will not allow you to give up.

This is how it works. Just take a little time each day (it doesn't take much time) to close your eyes and use your imagination to picture what you will look like a year from now if you stick with your weight loss program every single day. In your mind, look at:

  1. How you will look after losing that 50-100 pounds (or whatever your goal is).

    Wow, look at you! How much slimmer you are. You look great and you are smiling from ear to ear. You stuck with your weight loss program, and it was so worth it!

  2. How will you feel?

    You feel great. "What are those little knobby things down there? Hey, those are my toes. I can stand up straight and see my toes. And look Ma, I can touch them too." And all that energy I have because I am carrying so much less weight around!

  3. What will people say when they see the change?

    "Wow, don't you look great. You lost some weight, didn't you?" (What they are really thinking is, "Man you lost a lot of weight, you used to be heavy, but look at you now!" But they are too polite to put it that way.) But that's okay; the "Wow!" is what counts.

  4. What will you be wearing and how will you look in those much-smaller sizes?

    What fun! You're just loving buying those smaller sizes. And it's so-o-o much easier and fun to shop in a regular store...and so many choices now! Costs less too!

  5. How will you feel when you look in the mirror?

    Hey, this is great! I don't wince when I look in the mirror any more. You're all smiles. And standing sideways... "not bad, not bad at all!"

What you will be seeing is you in the future...if you stick with your weight loss program! Try to do this little exercise each day and that should keep you well motivated.

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