Saturday, October 04, 2008


Half your intake to drop your weight

By now you should be familiar with your hunger, and you should not eat when you're not hungry. Remember: your body knows.
But the body isn't perfect. There's a delay of about 20 minutes between your gut and your brain, so you can eat way more than your body needs before feeling full. This trick and the next ones help avoid this.
Anytime you're hungry and about to eat, take half a serving. Keep the other half close: you can always eat it if the first wasn't enough. Eat the first half and wait 10 minutes, so your gut and brain get to talk. Then listen to your body. Still hungry? Go ahead, eat the other half. Not hungry? Keep it for later.
Congratulations, you've just cut your calories by 2 for that meal, and you're on your way to a fitter you.
Take half a serving of your next meal.
Apply this strategy for the rest of today and tomorrow. Notice how less you eat.

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