Sunday, September 11, 2005


5-HTP: Day 14

Two weeks into using 5-HTP and things are good.
My digestion issues have settled down to a dull roar. I came into this with a lot of IBS issues. If nothing else, I am having fewer IBS issues, which I may be able to attribute to a better diet or less food seiging my system.
My sleep levels and mood remain good. I have thrown off a control aspect by purposely getting up earlier to synchronize with my family's routine. Nevertheless, I am doing okay on this front.
I am no longer as hungry. In my last report, I found I was hungry all the time, but able to ignore the impulse to eat. I have to attribute this to smaller portions allowing my stomach to shrink in size. As I said in another post, stomach size is a factor in Ghrelin production that spurs the hunger sensation.
Best part of all: since last Sunday, I have lost 11 pounds. I have not skipped a meal in the last week. In fact, on Friday, I had fish'n'chips for dinner. I have been physically more active, but that may be a side effect of feeling like I have the energy to exercise. I started my diet a year ago, I lost 40 lbs. and then stalled out. I think I hit a base camp. Now, I'm out of the camp and continuing my descent. If I hit a wall in 30-40 lbs, I will repeat the process: establish a base camp, hunker down, wait for my metabolism to reset, and start the descent again.

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