Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Big Asian Salad

This is simple to whip up and low calorie. Best of all, it's tasty.

Wash and combine salad ingredients. Mix together dressing ingredients. Pour dressing into salad. Toss thoroughly. Eat. (well, if you want to)


Total calories: 196 calories

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Living La Vita Sobria

In 1558, Luigi Cornaro theorized that if you lived life in moderation your could outlive those who like there's no tomorrow. Ironically for them, there may be no tomorrow. Cornaro kept himself on a low calorie diet, under 1000 calories per day into perpetuity. He lived to be 102 years old.

There are many schools of thought on hypocaloric diets and longevity. Scientists have found in mice and nemitode worms that if their diets are seriously limited, they can live up 25% longer than their full calorie counterparts. What's going on? Is food innately poisonious? Does the digestion process wear us out in time? Are the likes of Cornaro onto something and we're all overeating?

To use a automobile analogy. Maybe we think of our bodies as gas tanks: fill it up and go! Instead, maybe our metabolism is like a transmission: too much or too little transmission fluid and we're in trouble. Get it just right and you can go for miles.

If you want, check out Luigi Cornaro's Discourses on the Sober Life.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Fat Red-Haired Mutant

I have been reading this great book called, Mutants. I am on a part about skin color and melanotropin. If you are deficient in melanotropin, you are pale, red haired and fat.

Melanotropin prompts skin darkening. It's also helps receptors that act as appetite suppressant. People who are low in melanotropin are red-haired (strawberry blonde to auburn) and are much more likely to be fat because they don't have this capability to feel full.

Previous to the section on melantropin, there is a section on pie balding. A side effect is deafness. In so many words, our nervous system has a connection to our skin pigmentation.

Lacking melanotopin, is like going to a home construction and telling the foreman that he has to build the house without finishing nails. Almost all of the work will get done, but some stuff won't look right. The connection between crappy edging and big nails sticking out of the kitchen cabinets is the finishing nail deficiency.

For the researchers out there, this article is very long, dry and focussed on the science of melanotropin

(be warned, it's likely only a clear read if you are a doctor, a biologist or similar).

The question: how to stimulate melanotropin or mask its absence?

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